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What is social media marketing?

Well, a basic answer would be marketing your products or services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat LinkedIn (This is a platform for professionals).

Easier than said it is way more than that, various types of social media platforms with various marketing plans and there own marketing dashboard panel with a specific niche of products and services to be sold on these social media marketing platforms.

Different marketing strategies, different target customers require different platforms.

Maybe you are understanding what this whole thing is….but wait there is more information to make you understand.

The whole concept of social media marketing is an approach to reach customers by showing our products to our customers while they interact in the platform.

You might ask how do we target our audience, these platforms allow us to access there marketing dashboard where we can set up campaigns for different marketing objectives such as reach, traffic, leads, impression, catalogue sales, etc but all these platforms will have different dashboard layout but the major concept will be the same, control our advertising patterns by targeting our customers.

We at StareVein, take care of Marketing objectives as we first discuss with our clients about their requirements and marketing budget. Also, our experience in handling marketing demand based on previous performance makes us best among digital marketing company. We always challenge our clients to take up our services for one or three months based on the nature of the services to understand our capabilities. Hence, we don’t just tell them who we are and what we do instead we let them understand our capabilities in getting sales through marketing.

Disclaimer: All the company or platform names used are the property and trademark of the respective company. We do not intend to violate their policies, we are just using the names for the information to be conveyed.

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